Guest Speaker Idea - Gabriel Bol Deng

  • Thursday, December 24, 2015 9:18 AM
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    I first heard Gabriel speak when I attended Amnesty International's Northeastern Regional Conference at Boston University in 2013. His life story is truly remarkable - from surviving the civil war in South Sudan that killed most of his family, including every male except him and one brother, from sleeping in a tree to survive the night, to walking hundreds of miles to a neighboring country with strangers as only a little boy. He could not find his family for years and expected the worst. He now lives in New York and has founded Hope for Ariang, a nonprofit that builds schools and wells for the people of South Sudan (link to website below). He remembers sitting below a tree and using sticks in sand to learn how to write and rocks to learn how to count. He has built many schools and wells and continues to do wonderful work. His story is both sad and hopeful, and truly inspiring. I approached him after his speech at Boston University and introduced myself and asked him if I could interview him. He gladly agreed. I interviewed him the following month and since have stayed in contact. I recently built a school in Pakistan and turned to him for advice. I am truly honored to be able to call him a friend and I believe his story is one that must be heard. I believe that he will make a great guest speaker. 

    Hope for Ariang website:  

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