Welcome to the World Affairs Council of Rhode Island 

We are an 80 year old institution focused on giving our members enlightenment, education, and a forum for exchanging ideas and opinions about issues that transcend our borders.

Our members meet to interact and socialize with other globally curious people, attend interactive presentations featuring experts from around the world, and participate in the national debate on global issues that matter to all of us. 

The issues we explore are as diverse as our membership, and we would welcome you as a guest at one of our upcoming events. 

Carolyn Fleuhr Lobban

Chairwoman of the Board

We are Part of the World Affairs Council of America 

The Mission of the World Affairs Councils of America is to

    Empower citizens to participate in the national debate on world affairs

    Build citizen support for American engagement in the world

    Stimulate communities to interact effectively in the global economy

    Help people relate their local concerns to global issues

    Improve international education locally, nationally, and internationally

    Foster international interests in America‚Äôs young people

    Build alliances with counterpart organizations locally, nationally, and internationally

    Increase council professionalism by disseminating best practices

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The World Affairs Council Of Rhode Island is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 

Mailing Address: 36 Webster Avenue, Narragansett, Rhode Island 02882

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